Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

As experienced Psychosocial Recovery Coaches, we’re able to help participants living with psychosocial disabilities to navigate their everyday life in a more fulfilling and positive way.

We offer comprehensive and collaborative support that involves working closely with family, carer’s and various government organisations to get the most out of each individual’s NDIS Plan. This includes implementing a customised recovery plan to meet specific disability needs, assistance with finding relevant service providers and sourcing diverse supports to increase capacity requirements.

Participants have the choice of choosing a recovery coach with either ‘lived experience’ or someone with ‘educational knowledge’ of mental health issues and psychosocial disabilities. Our experienced coaches strive to listen to your exact needs and are here to guide participants in the right direction through professional coordination of NDIS supports.


Support Coordination

Under your NDIS Plan, you can find many funded supports that are applicable to you. Our experienced support coordinators can help you manage those funded supports better and provide you with increased access to multiple services and government providers within your local community.

At Navigate, we’ll address each individual goal and help build up your skills that will nurture your self-confidence, personal growth and life direction. As well as linking you in with the right therapies, our goal as support coordinators is to give you the right tools you need to help navigate your NDIS plan independently while diligently working towards your goals you have written in your plan.

 We’ll also look at the structure of your Service Agreements and ensure you are accessing the best value for your needs.


Specialised Support Coordination

Specialised Support Coordination requires a stronger level of support coordination that meets more complex disability requirements. If you require specialist support, our experienced team will help manage your challenging situation in a caring, compassionate and supportive way.

Our pro-active support coordinators are here for you every step of the way, offering the right level of support that is congruent with your lifestyle, environment and disability challenges.

For more information on our support services, please call Navigate Support Coordination today to arrange a confidential chat. We look forward to hearing from you.

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